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Loving my life as a woman in agriculture one sip at a time

We are getting hit by the fourth snow event in two weeks and I just had to take advantage of the wet snow by building a snowman.    I don’t remember the last time I made a snowman because when it snows here my time is spent moving the snow out of the way.    My husband is especially sensitive to songs like “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas  and “Let it snow” because snow means more work.  
While many folks enjoyed Super Bowl XLIX in
the warmth of their homes, we were moving snow
from early in the morning until late that night. We
called it Super Snow Sunday.  We finished in time to
 enjoy the last few minutes of the game with a bowl of chili.
When we get a snow event there are several jobs that have to be done.  First the roads must be cleared so that the feedtruck and vehicles can get around.   The next job is getting the bunks clean.  We have a very nice piece of equipment that makes this job much easier than when we had to scoop them all with a shovel.  The bunk blower works well unless you get really wet snow.  Really wet snow usually melts or it has to be scooped.  
After the cattle are fed and cared for we get to work removing the snow or piling the snow that is in their pens.   The snow eventually gets hauled out so that the pens can stay dry.  When we get wet snow we keep the cement areas cleaned off and put some type of bedding material down so they have a dry place to lie down.
Steve is box scraping snow from the cement pads.
I have always been amazed at how quickly cattle adjust to weather changes.  They seem to adjust the quickest to cold weather.  Cattle are often seen running around in the snow, kicking up their heels and playing like children.   My favorite sight to see is when they are laying down soaking up the warm sun on a cold day.
Cattle enjoying a dry place to lay and sunshine.  The metal
windbreak provides additional protection from cold winds.
One of our favorite meals to enjoy on a cold day is chili soup.  I have a recipe that has gone over very well with our family and when used at large gatherings.  Here is my recipe: 

Game Day Chili
2-pounds ground beef
1-46 ounce can tomato juice
1-27 ounce can Bush’s Chili Beans
2-tablespoons chili powder
2-tablespoons onion flakes
Brown the ground beef with onion flakes. Turn crock pot on high and pour in tomato juice and beans.  Drain hamburger and add to crock pot. Sprinkle chili powder on top and stir mixture.  Leave on high for 1 hour or low for several hours. Toppings that go well are shredded cheddar cheese with crackers or corn chips.  It is a tradition in our community to serve cinnamon rolls with chili soup. 
I am joined by my husband, Steve, granddaughter, Ella,
daughter, Ginger and son-in-law, Casey for a chili supper.

My husband enjoyed my snowman made of snow, insulators, caps from spray cans and whatever else I could find around our shop.  Our dog also enjoyed time to play in the snow!   Having a playful attitude helps to relieve some of the stress weather can bring! 


Our Bichon, Zoey, loves the snow and after playing it looks
like she has a snow moustache! 

Do you have snow?  Doyou wanna build a snowman?  How about a nice, hot bowl of Chili?

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