Dust In My Coffee

Loving my life as a woman in agriculture one sip at a time


Dear God,
You make all things new.  Thank you for the victory and power over sin and death we have through the name of Jesus.  Thank you that by your might, Jesus was raised from the grave, paving the way for us to have new life with you. Thank you for calling each one of us into existence.  Thank you for your eternal love and mercy calling each of us back to you when we stray.  Thank you for placing your spirit in our hearts so we may be the hands and feet of Jesus for one another.

We ask for your grace to see with eyes of faith,  We ask that you renew our hearts, minds, and lives, for the days ahead. We pray for your refreshing over us.

Keep your words of truth planted firm within us, help us to keep focused on what is pure and right, give us the power to be obedient to your word. And when the enemy reminds us where we have been, hissing his lies and attacks our way, we trust that your voice speaks louder and stronger, reminding us we are safe with you and that your purposes and plans will not fail. We ask that you will be our defense and rear guard, keeping our way clear, removing the obstacles, and covering the pitfalls. Lord, lead us with the gift of your most Holy Spirit to pick ourselves back up when we stumble to seek your mercy.  Allow the mercy we seek from you flow out into our family, friends, community and world to strengthen relationships and build peace.

Shine your light in us, through us, over us. May we make a difference in this world, for your glory and purposes. Set you way before us. May all your plans succeed. We may reflect your peace and hope to a world that so desperately needs your presence and healing.  Bring your healing love to those in the darkest moments of despair, to those in the greatest agony of pain and to each soul who cries out to you for help.

Thanks be to you God, for your indescribable gift! To you be all the glory, all the praise and all the worship on this Resurrection Day, and forever.  He is risen!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen Alleluia!


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